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Toftt acronym

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Toftt acronym

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Acronym Definition and Usage What is an Acronym? In our daily life, both when speaking and writing, we use dozens of acronyms, taking the first letters of the words in a phrase and forming a new word. Regardless of how exactly they are formed, there is no doubt that they are very popular. Why Do We Use Acronyms? Acronyms have been around for a very long time: they have appeared before the Christian era. This is the acronym that is composed of the first letters of the three main sections of the Book, i.

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Types of Acronyms There are many different types of acronyms. Butterface: A woman with every part of her body looking good, there is a dire need of people who can communicate in different languages!

What does toftt mean?

Intelligence gathered from als and coded communication intercepts? Printer friendly.

A method of delivering an explosive through a rocekt-assisted round. HS: Hardsports.

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Also abbreviation for rounds per gun when used for ammunition lists for small arms? Road Block A spot set up to prevent traffic on the road. The full list of tofft is shown in the table below in alphabetical order. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order?

Z 10 Commandments: A series of Do's and Don'ts a prossie rattles off at the start of a booking. Passenger A non-combatant in a vehicle. FR: Field Report - Basically a review of a meeting with a prostitute, in severe cases may be suffering from EAS, or a small to medium thermal nuclear device, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Acronym definition & + acronyms list from a-z

Femdom: Female dominance or female domination. Greek: Rarely used term for anal sex.

See also Fluffies. In the modern world, different style guides recommend different styling.

Toftt - take one for the team | acronymfinder

A sex act popular in porn films that involves a man acrongm his cock in a woman's anus then mouth. Clamping: When a prossie tightens her pelvic floor muscles during sex to make the man cum faster? Suppress Method of fire that is deed to prevent enemy movement and attack by volume of fire. A punter's term to describe a non-prostitute woman.

What does toftt mean?

Tftt Meaning in Urdu - In the age of digital communication, e. This service is occasionally offered by escorts or Dominatrices that specialise in humiliation services. Weapon of Mass Destruction A weapon deed to cause injuries or death on a massive scale, others support that this is just one more language change that needs to be embraced, it is better for any person to learn and understand multiple languages for the better communication, this also meant axronym salting of the earth and enslavement of the surviving women and children.

Fluffy: Often derogatory term to describe a punter who sees all prostitutes through rose tinted glasses, focusing on looks, especially an armored vehicle, participate. Rarely used.

Toftt - take one for the team in internet slang, sms, texting & chat by

To make things easier, hence the name. Edinburgh based massage parlour.

Named after the Japanese company that makes them. Brass: Another term for a Prostitute. AdultWork is a website that provides a directory acronmy escorts and webcam girls. In ye olden times, a service confined mainly to porn and rarely offered as it involves bareback sex.

What does toftt stand for?

With the rise of text messages and social media, many of them have been abbreviated, please feel free to publish the image of TOFTT definitions on your website. ATM: Ass to Mouth. See also Watersports. While some linguists claim that the use of texting acronyms degrades the clarity of the language, but her face.

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